Why are we committed to transforming the pharmacy?

The future of healthcare will be driven by patient empowerment, and we are here to help the pharmacies deliver better, more personalized and efficient, preventive and pharmaceutical care services.


Healthcare changes course

Not long ago, not more than a handful of generations back, sick people in our regions were cared for at home. A doctor came by to help his patients with limited resources and a personalized approach. A lot has changed since then. Thanks to the industrial revolution, care became more specialized and everyone was suddenly welcome in large, hyper-equipped centers - the hospitals of today. The health of the population suddenly improved for miles. Yet today we are confronted with the limits of that system: there is little communication between different specialisms, the financial drivers for healthcare providers are not aligned with the desired outcomes of care (fee-for-service vs value-based healthcare) and the expectations of healthcare providers. patients have been changed by a new digital revolution - people expect personalized care to be delivered, just like Spotify offers tailor-made music.

In order to meet these changing expectations and thanks to new technological advances, we will also be entering a new digital revolution in healthcare in the coming years: specialized, personalized care will increasingly be offered in everyone's comfortable home.

Today, we see a similar trend in the pharmacy: in the past, medication was prepared by the pharmacist himself, now medicines are produced 'en masse' and everyone gets the same dose to take home. Online pharmacies are eager to deliver health products at home cheaply and even more efficiently. In the near future, such home delivery may be fully personalized...

The foundations of the pharmacy: back to the basics

That is not good news for today's pharmacy, which is almost entirely dependent on dispensing medication for its income. Back to the basics then?

After all, the pharmacist has built up two important foundations over the years that are used far too little: his/her knowledge of medication and his/her pharmacy as an accessible location for care. It is thanks to these foundations that new opportunities have recently been created for the pharmacy. Indeed, pharmaceutical services such as a home pharmacy and (soon) medication review will be reimbursed because medication optimization has an important impact on society and the pharmacist is the only healthcare provider with knowledge. Rapid antigen tests or vaccines are administered in the pharmacy because of the accessible location (and not because a pharmacist would be more suitable than a physiotherapist or speech therapist). The profession is in any case more appreciated.

Salvus Health takes patient interaction to another level

The future for consumer services lies in a combination of online and offline, we learn that from other sectors. Think how a bank like KBC is today much more accessible than ever before despite closing most of its locations, or how an online retailer like Coolblue optimizes the customer experience by offering a stunning in-store experience alongside its website. We believe that this approach is also necessary in healthcare to enable the patient to be involved in his/her care.

But... where is the support?

Clearly more is needed than the current software for logistics, purchasing or 'pharmacy management'. The Salvus Care package supports pharmacies in their service to consumers/patients. New pharmaceutical services, a more efficient organization and an approach that really makes the patient happy and satisfies his/her needs.


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